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The P Trap. How to take it apart and properly reassemble one. Covering all the differnt connections.
See it in the Drains section

Check out this Easy Garden hose trick to keep you dry and get better flow and control.
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New Product Review Section!

Waterfull Barrell

We review theWaterQuick Standard with Bridge Valve by

New Book

Introducing Greg's new book "All About Water" now available in paperback and ebook formats.

This fun illustrated book tells the complete story of water. Readers learn about water use, re-use, plumbing design and much more. The history of water through the ages and municipal codes governing public water supplies are also discussed. It is a fun and educational book co-written by a LEED-AP plumbing professional with over 40 years experience.

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All About Water cover

About DIY Plumbing Advice

Here we strive to provide you with plumbing and water information that is reliable, responsible, and free. The purpose of this site is to show YOU how to do it, not just to show an abbreviated video of how I did it. A plumbing glossary is included on each subject page.

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Easy:  Can be done successfully on the fist attempt without special skills; generally with household tools.

Medium: May require some practice or skill to do successfully. May require tools beyond common household tools, but available at most hardware or home center stores.

Hard: requires skills/knowledge or more extensive practice  to compete successfully. May require specialized plumbing tools that are not readily available at most hardware stores or home centers

Expert: Requires specialized skills or knowledge to complete successfully and safely. In some cases the difficulty of the task may not be high, but the possibility of property damage or injury for an improperly completed task will put the task in this Expert category.

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Alternate Water Sources

Learn about using greywater and rainwater catchment as alternate sources of water for non-potable use.



Learn how to load your dishwasher for efficient operation, what the air gap is for and how to unclog it. Dishwashers Page

Garbage Disposals

seasonsLearn key features to look for in a replacement disposal and how to replace one. Also important disposal tips. more...

Drains & Septic Systems


Unclog drains without chemicals. Fix smelly drains. Learn about Septic Systems.
Drain Projects Page.

Faucets, Showers, and spigots

faucetsLearn about faucet quality cost, and types.

Learn how to replace shut-off valves, aerators, shower heads and installing water filters.

Working with Pipe


Learn how to properly join PVC pipe, mend breaks in tough spots, service a valve..
Pipe Projects Page

Plumbing Tools

plumbing tools

See what's in the plumber's tool kit. Including many specialized tools for working on specific fixtures.

Plumbing Tools Database

Product Reviews

Honest reviews on DIY plumbing products

Responsible Plumbing Issues

faucets The responsible use of water, without involving politics, hysteria, allegations, half-truths, or the passion on either side of the "green" label.
Responsible Plumbing Page


Seasonal Plumbing Tips

seasonsSeasonal tasks and checkups for your home and its plumbing. From seasonal checkups to burst pipes.



Learn how to detect leaks, unclog, improve flush performance, stop a runnig toilet and more
Toilet Projects Page.

Water Pressure

water pressureImportant things to know to prevent pipe and home damage! Testing water pressure, & installing a pressure regulator.
Water Pressure Page


Water Treatment

seasonsSelecting and installing water treatment systems for point-of-use or whole house systems.

Frequently UNasked Questions

Requently Unasked QuestionsImportant things you need to know, but didn't even know to ask!


Frequently Unasked Questions Page


Hiring a Plumber

hiring a plumber

Sometimes you have to (or should) hire a pro. Here are some tips on hiring a plumber.

Find a Plumber

emergency plumber