DIY Pipe Projects

Joining PVC pipe with solvent

Proper joining of PVC with solvent. Also shown common errors and their effects.


How to repair PVC pipe:
The compression fitting

A quick and easy repair for low pressure lines.


How to repair PVC pipe:
The Slip Fix fitting

A quick, easy, and full strength repair when space or pipe movement is limited.


How to repair PVC pipe:
The four 90's

A handy method when repair couplings are not avialble or are not large enough to span the pipe damge.


How to use teflon tape on pipe threads

Teflon tape is cheap, lubricates and seals the joint, and is easy to apply...oh wait, except for that last part!

Greg makes it easy

How to service a Gate Valve

Like most things, if you expect it to work when you really need it to, you've got to to a little maintenance.

Do It Yourself Gas Pipe?

Read my blog entry on doing our own gas fuel line plumbing. For safety reasons, this is off my DIY list. more...

How to check for hidden leaks

Easily check for leaks you can't even see by using an inexpensive pressure gauge.

What Are the Different Valves Used In Plumbing?

ValvesLearn about ball, gate, check valves, and butterfly valves, and how to pick the right vavle for a plumbing application.

The Problem of Damp

dampDampness is one of the most common problems as a side effect of broken plumbing. Mold can often follow dampness, therefore it's important not to ignore the issue.

Glossary for Pipe

angle stop
ball valve
Building Sewer
Bullet effect
Check Valve
P Trap
Pressure Regulator
Pro Press
Push Fit Fitting
Septic/Drain Enzymes
thermal expansion
TOE Nipple
Union Fitting
Water Pressure Regulator

Frequently UNasked Questions

  • Why copper leaks.