DIY Faucet and Shower Projects

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My first two faucet videos below are actually parts 1 and 2 of installing an undersink water filter. In part 1, I'll show you how to replace the old single shut off valve (angle stop) and replace it with a two port unit that will make installing and servicing the water filter a snap!

Replacing an angle stop

Angle stops may need to be replaced because they no longer work well, or you want more outlet ports. In this video I replace a single port with a dual port model.. more...

How to install an undersink water filter

I'll show how to install an undersink water filter with a dedicated spigot on the counter top. The video covers every step of the installation.


How to replace a faucet aerator

They all get clogged eventually! Find out how to remove and replace a faucet aerator without buying the wrong part.

How to replace a shower head

How to replace a shower head in 3 minutes, and some recommendations on what shower head to get.


Save water with a Water Select Device

Save water and money with a shower flow restrictor and convenient shut-off valve by Water Select™.


How to clean a Delta handle

Delta Clean up a dark Delta handle to look as good as new.



How to replace a hose bib

Learn how to replace a hose bib on the outside of a building.

Threaded and solder-on (sweat) types are coverd in this video.

How to repair a Moen Posi-temp shower/tub valve Moen handle

I'll show you how to replace the cartridge (and therefor fixing most problems) in one of the most popular shower/tub valves today.

How to repair a Delta shower/tub valve

Delta One of the most popular shower valves made, but sometimes they don't work right. I'll show you exactly how to fix that.

The Problem of Damp

dampDampness is one of the most common problems as a side effect of broken plumbing. Mold can often follow dampness, therefore it's important not to ignore the issue.

Glossary items for Faucets

Lavatory Pop Up
angle stop
ball valve
Diverter Spout
Over flow
P Trap
Union Fitting
Water Pressure Regulator

Frequently UNasked Questions

  • Why design matters (or form vs. function).

  • Why brand names have "those trendy finishes" and cost $19-$900.

  • What is a washerless faucet?

  • What is a ceramic-valve faucet?